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In compliance with the ISO 14001 standard, which sets out the procedures to implement an effective Environmental Management System (EMS), Imerys is committed to monitoring the flora and fauna around the mines, and to the reforestation of the areas.



Monitoring is conducted periodically, according to the Brazilian legislation in effect, and includes analysis on how mining activities affect the local ecosystem buth directly and indirectly.


Reforestation has been part of Imerys’ environmental responsibility program since 1997. Reclamation of mined-out areas is conducted in partnership with the communities around the RCC mine. Seedlings of forest species are also produced, thus generating employment and income for the families in the area. The communities of Aparecida, Cajueiro and Santa Maria do Bacuri are reforestation nurseries sponsored by Imerys, each family produces about 5,000 seedlings. The goal is to plant about 50,000 seedlings, corresponding to 50 hectares per year, to revegetate the reclaimed areas on a yearly basis.


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